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FACT: Some viruses can survive on surfaces for up to 72 hours.

Keep your hands safe from possible germ-contaminated door handles, elevator buttons, ATM keypads etc. with NoTouchy, the best tool for avoiding surface transmitted diseases in public places.

Besides person to person contact, transmission via surfaces is the second most common way of transmission when it comes to viral diseases. People will unknowingly touch contaminated surfaces with their hands. They will later touch their nose,eyes or lips, that way a virus will find a way into their body.

We have to understand that when we touch something like a door handle or an ATM keypad in a public place that hundreds of people touched that surface before us. To avoid contacting diseases this way we have to avoid touching such surfaces as much as possible.

This portable NoTouchy stick can avoid direct contact between your hands and germs and bacteria when opening the door or pressing the elevator button. It is suitable for use in public places, small in size and easy to carry anywhere. 


  • Anti-Epidemic Tool - This small tool can be used to open the doorknob, door handle, press the elevator button or if you need to use the ATM, avoid direct contact between your hands and pathogens.
  • Self-sterilizing and Reusable - The sponge pads inside absorb disinfectant, which makes this tool perfect since there is no need to manually disinfect it.
  • Environmentaly Friendly - Some people will use silicone gloves when they go out in public. This is not ideal for the environment since they will only use the gloves once and after they will discard them.
  • Portable - Lightweight, compact and fits in any pocket.

  • Wide Applications - It can be widely applied to students, office workers, deliverymen, commuters, or anyone that needs to go out in public.


  • Note: Item does not come with disinfectant, kindly drip 4-5 drops of disinfectant before use.  
  • Open the front cover and use it to press the elevator button. It comes with a sponge for disinfectant, so it will kill the germs and bacteria every time you use it. 
  • Open the side cover and use it to clip the door handle, so you don't have to come in direct contact with it. It comes with a sponge for disinfectant and will kill the germs and bacteria every time you use it.


Due to current demand, all orders currently take 10-18 Business days worldwide for delivery from the date of shipment. 

Rest assured our packages are safe to receive as we follow all recommendations made by the World Health Organization.

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