HeyPet Paw Cleaner

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paw cleaner

But we can't help it, dogs will be dogs! Put an end to the muddy tracks in the house with the new Paw Cleaner.

Key Features

✔ Saves time: clean your dog's paws easier and faster than ever before.

 Super effective: thoroughly removes all dirt, mud, and sand from between the claws.

✔ Completely safe and painless - Like a massage for your pup!

✔ Environmentally friendly: no detergents or chemicals are necessary. Saves water consumption.

Dogs love to play, and sometimes we can't control where they go! But no one likes a messy house after some rough play in the dirt and mud!

Without a proper way to clean your dog apart from having to wash them from head to toe each time, we've finally brought you the solution you were looking for.

Our Paw Cleaner is the must have product when it comes to keeping your house dirt free! Our cleaner will gently rub and wash the dirt, mud and other substances from your pup's sensitive paws.

This helps to keep those muddy prints right where they belong and leave your home in the condition you've always wanted to have it... MUD FREE!

How To Use Our Paw Cleaner:

  1. Fill up the Paw Cleaner with clean water.
  2. Put your dog's paw in through the opening, and down until it fits properly. 
  3. Carefully rotate Paw Cleaner, and then try rotating it the opposite way for extra effect.
  4. After a thorough session, carefully pull your dog's leg out of the Paw Cleaner
  5. Dry your dog's paw with a towel, and empty the dirty water out of the Paw Cleaner.

puppy paw cleaner

A few simple turns and a quick-dry using a towel and you'll not only have your house sparkling clean but a happy dog with a satisfying massage. 



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